New Archeology Collection

In a world where everything seems to be dissolving into the digital ether, Eliška Lhotská’s New Archeology collection stands as a beacon of preservation and memory. This unique collection captures the essence of our present-day reality and transforms it into lasting, tangible artifacts.

SO Collection

The SO collection has a message that is now more important than ever. It seeks to draw attention to the threat to natural resources. To think about water not only as a precious commodity but also as an asset having intrinsic value.

it's love

Whether it's an engagement ring symbolizing a promise of lifelong partnership, a necklace passed down through generations, or a pair of earrings gifted by a friend, jewellery becomes a physical manifestation of love that can be treasured and cherished for years to come.

Jewellery Gift Tips

If you are looking for the perfect gift, you are at the right place. We know that sometimes, it’s not easy to choose the right piece of jewellery for somebody else, so we’ve put together a couple of tips to make your shopping easier.

Christmas 2023 best sellers

Have a look at what pieces have stolen most of your hearts this Christmas season. The gift you are looking for might be there!

The Art of Gifting Jewellery

Handpicked jewellery is certainly one of the most personal gifts one can give. It is not only a piece that brings joy and beauty, but it often becomes a part of our identity, storing cherished memories and reminding us of the person who gifted it to us. Choosing the right one is not easy, but we hope the following tips will make your decision easier.

Cleaning Silver with Baking Soda and Aluminum Foil

Are you looking to restore the shine of your silver jewellery but you don't want to use chemicals? Great, there is an eco-friendly and easy method of cleaning silver using baking soda and aluminum foil.

Autumn Edit

As the colours of the leaves change their hue in autumn, our selection of jewellery also experiences a transformation. We tend to seek more warmth, sophistication, and golden ambiance.

NURA showroom

Are you thinking that it would be nice to see all our pieces up close and try them on? That’s exactly what NURA showroom is all about. A small, cozy place full of handpicked designer jewellery. A private space to take a moment, slow down, and enjoy yourself. A place where you can find the piece made for you, or pick the perfect gift for your soulmate. Just book a visit and come meet us in Bratislava. We will happily help you find the right piece, show you how to style it, or advice on customising your chosen design.

Back to school Edit

As summer fades and the halls of academia beckon, it's time to bid farewell to beach days and embrace the excitement of a new school year. While updating your wardrobe is on the checklist, there's a stylish and sophisticated way to effortlessly transition from vacation mode to back to school/office days: simple geometric jewellery. Let's explore how these minimalist treasures can help you make a statement as you head back.

Statement earrings

When it comes to special occasions, statement earrings have emerged as the go-to choice for those seeking to make an impression. To make your search easier, we have put together a selection of captivating pieces that will elevate your style and a few tips on how to make the right choice.

Spirit Offline

At first sight, the Spirit Offline collection might seem to be yet another collection of geometric jewellery made of straight lines. In fact, these lines convey much more than that. Spirit Offline (S.O.) points to the challenges of the digital age and explores our relationships with and within it.

Is it a match?

Wedding rings are a symbol of love and commitment between two people. They represent the everlasting bond that is shared between a couple, and as such, choosing the perfect rings is an important decision. One popular trend in recent years is to choose wedding rings that are not identical, but rather complement each other.

Poetry & grace with PIQUE




For most of human history, signet rings were used as signatures, traditionally worn mostly by men on the little finger, often inherited from their fathers. While its use as a unique seal has been replaced people continue to wear signet rings as a mark of their social standing or purely as fashion items.


Did you just find a piece that you adore, but it is not available or not in stock in your required size? Don’t despair. To keep our business sustainable and avoid using precious resources, some sizes and designs are only produced when there is a demand for them - made especially for you!

Pearl Collection

Born from a little piece of dust, pearls are one of the most magical materials created by nature... Let's explore what we've selected for you!

Minimalist Bride - Puglia edit part III.

Authentic scenery in Puglia, clear blue skies, sweet summer air full of romance... That is the perfect setting for the most stylish secret wedding date. Let's peek in through the lenses of Gradisca Portento!

Keep your cool | steel edit

Stainless steel, often referred to as “Superman of all metals”, is a highly durable metal, easily withstanding the wear and tear of everyday activities. Once considered the ugly duckling of white metals, stainless steel jewellery is back in vogue and here to stay...

Jewellery Care

We personally pick each and every piece at NURA to make sure we only sell products that can be enjoyed for years to come. Still, any precious thing requires proper maintenance. Here are our tips on how to take good care of your little treasures, so that they stay beautiful for a very long time!

NURA gift service

Are you getting one of our pieces as a gift?
Well, we always assume that your orders are either a gift for yourself or somebody close to you.

How to find my ring size?

Ordering a ring online can be a bit tricky if you don't know your ring size. But don't despair, we put together a list of different ways to find out your ring size. It's actually very easy to measure it.


You either fall madly in love with it or you don’t. But one thing is for sure, there is just something about the elegant and subtle pinkish colour that makes any object made from rose gold feel special and full of character.

the magic of Labradorite

Explore our collection of jewellery featuring the stunning Labradorite stone. Its colour ranges from semi-transparent grainy white to grey-green and it is treasured for its iridescence. In fact, its property of changing colour as the angle of the view or illumination changes is called "labradorescence". This magical property means your Labradorite jewellery will be one of the kind!.

Cherry Quartz ring photostory

cherry like pink

pure & unordinary

simple lines
pure forms
unordinary design

Matt Jewellery

Not a fan of shiny polished look when it comes to jewellery?
Here is a selection of our handpicked pieces
with this trendy matt finish.

Cover up.

Too hot these days?
Contrary to what you might think,
it's best to cover up in something loose and airy
like this stunning dress by Petra Kubikova.

PLAY_FUL photostory

Gemstone rings

Karla Olsakova | kinetic minimalism

If you love geometry-inspired jewellery full of character, then you must be a fan of Karla Olsakova! Based in the picturesque Czech region of Moravia, she creates stunning pieces of timeless quality.

Jonathan Radetz' pure expression

Jonathan Radetz, a talented Frankfurt-based designer, is a true example of a multidisciplinary creator that transitions his skills as a master carpenter into ceramics, glass and jewellery design and vice versa. We love how each of his pieces can be broken down into the most essential basic elements of timeless beauty. Let's peek into his world in the following interview.

ORGANIC by Karla Olsakova

Another stunning, elegant, and beautifully crafted collection by Karla has arrived at NURA and we can't take our eyes off of it! It's best to see it live, but a few pictures might give you an idea too. Have a look!

The Autumn Edit | copper & rope jewellery

Yes, our days are becoming shorter, the sunshine is not so warm anymore - the autumn is here. We are bringing our warmer knits, scarfs and coats back into the action, but that doesn't mean there's no room for jewellery. Quite the opposite. Now it's the time to put on bold, statement pieces to bring back a bit of shine & energy to our days...

CUBE by Karla Olsakova

be fearless
be bold
be different
wear the CUBE collection

bold & yet understated

How do you wear our jewellery? What do you combine it with? In our mind, you are choosing comfortable, loose-fitting or slightly oversize tunics, tops, or dresses. You don't overcomplicate things, you just put on one or two pieces and you are ready for the day...

Loose yourself

In our latest photo story, we've joined forces with talented designer Petra Kubikova whose namesake brand embodies versatility and comfort that the women of today so desperately need. Loose fitting attire from pleasant materials combined with just a few essential jewellery pieces from our collection should be perfect for work as well as a night out!

The Modern Bride

Yes, the summer is finally here, romance is in the air, and the wedding season is in full swing and so we thought a bit about how our jewellery could compliment a bride to be...


Who made your jewellery? These incredible women! We carefully select each of our designers to ensure that the jewellery sold at NURA follows the values of sustainability, true craftsmanship and authenticity! Discover more through our interviews below...

Just MONO | more than meets the eye

We love discovering new brands with enthusiasm and great style - Just MONO is certainly one of them! Starting only recently in 2017, this label has won our hearts with their quiet style and simplicity. We talked to its founder, Joanna, to learn more...

Ana Pina | abstraction of shapes

Have you ever visited Porto? For sure, you'd love its wine, history, and its unpretentious charm. And chances are you will find Ana Pina's jewellery there too. Her namesake brand is based in the picturesque Porto focusing on jewellery inspired by the ideas of abstraction, reductionism, and simplicity.

Nia Dana | handmade textures & geometry

This time, we bring you an interview full of passion for jewellery with a talented young designer, Lara, whose silver jewellery brand Nia Dana already found its way into our shop. Let's find out more about her...

QUINOA PARIS | timeless and ethical leather accessories

This time our search for beautiful minimal design brings us to a young accessories brand named QUINOA based in Paris. Its founder, Stephanie, has a special approach to creating her products...

KOPI | abstract minimalsm

This time, our search for talented emerging designers has brought us to Warsaw, where KOPI, a young Polish jewellery & accessories brand, started. Its founder Natalia reveals more for us...

ZAND-EROVER | inspired by nature

Zand-erover is a young Amsterdam-based brand that creates elegant, simple and yet refined leather products inspired by nature's geometry, shapes and textures. It is run by two sisters - Sandy and Shelly. We've talked to Sandy who is the founder and designer of the brand to learn more...

Monika Przywara-Strzałka | less is more

"Small brands are unique and exceptional. They create their designs with heart and true passion. Everything created in such a way will be unique and timeless." We couldn't agree more with Monika, the founder of her namesake brand Przywara-Strzałka, who tells us more about her business of minimal bags.

Johanna Gauder | contemporary jewellery from Berlin

This week we are travelling to BERLIN to learn more about Johanna Gauder and her beautiful jewellery. She takes us behind the scenes of her label and her life as a designer.

Marina Stanimirovic | wearable objects with intimacy and honesty

When we discovered Marina Stanimirovic we were instantly captivated by her wearable art. Yet her creations go far beyond "jewellery". She explores the world through various mediums such as wearable objects, sculpture and sound.

Nadine Fumiko Schaub | balance

BALANCE by Nadine Fumiko Schaub is a mechanical kitchen scale which embeds a deeper meaning than its function. It is a subtile statement to our current society in which the consumer has lost the appreciation for objects. It tries to strengthen the emotional bonding between consumer and product through interactive sensation and through a storytelling product.

AR.M | slowly and honestly handcrafted
contemporary design

As Anna Rosa pointed out, contemporary design is often associated with high-end prices and handcrafted products with simple DIYs. We couldn't agree more and that is why we are excited about her young Antwerp-based label AR.M aiming to bridge the gap between the two and change this perception.

POLA ZAG | it all started with a bracelet

Similarly to the rest of the former Soviet bloc countries, Poland is experiencing a surge of young, up and coming brands in recent years. Often their founders stumble upon a gap in the market and decide to create these products on their own, putting in their passion, expertise and talent. A brand named Pola Zag is one of them.

MIRTA | Croatian take on minimalism

It seems that Architectural courses often produce some of the most talented jewellery designers. In the case of MIRTA, a young Croatian label based in Zagreb, that is in fact how its story began. We have sat down with Andrea Simic who revealed more to us.

PYLA | humble materials transformed into the unexpected

This time our search for talented up-and-coming brands led us to Rome’s trendy Monti district, where among many stylish shops you can find the Italian brand PYLA. Its founder Silvia Zoppellari told us a bit more about her approach to jewellery and about herself.

Natascha Madeiski | NOW & THEN

"I think it is important to understand the value of time and expertise that goes into the products we buy." Recently we talked to East London based Natascha Madeiski, who told us more about the beautiful 'Now and Then' collection of ceramics and her way of creating things.

MASLO Jewelry | from Graphic Design to Jewellery making

In this week’s session of the COFFEE TALK we present Maslo Jewelry – minimal and fresh label from Virgina run by Nicole who started the brand in 2003 and now shares her story with us.

ARC objects | seasonless ceramic jewellery made in NYC

ARC is a collection of ceramic jewellery and objects combining responsibly sourced materials and bold seasonless design. The talented New Yorker and Parosns graduate, Daniela Jaobs, tells us more about her work and herself.