Spirit Offline


At first sight, the Spirit Offline collection might seem to be yet another collection of geometric jewellery made of straight lines. In fact, these lines convey much more than that. Spirit Offline (S.O.) points to the challenges of the digital age and explores our relationships with and within it.

spirit offline collection

The Spirit Offline collection wants to start conversations and raise awareness about the complex issues surrounding our digital lives.

Virtual world. It surrounds us all. Where does it end and where does it begin?

Finger on the screen, left, right, up, and down.

Each of the distinct shapes featured in this collection has a special meaning. Its name determines its exact shape. Let’s take the pendant of the necklace named GOLD. If you swiped its letters G - O - L - D on a qwerty keyboard, this is the shape you’d create.

Hidden behind the mask of perfection, everything real is forgotten. Internet, freedom caught in its network. It makes us love falsehood, live other people's lives, and honestly hate. How often do you think about what you're doing?


You draw the words. Finger on the screen, left, right, up, and down. BREAD, GOLD, TOGETHER. Everything merges into one, in your mind, you perceive that image. Here's a message from me. I'm sending words as a reminder of reality.