For most of human history, signet rings were used as signatures, traditionally worn mostly by men on the little finger, often inherited from their fathers. While its use as a unique seal has been replaced people continue to wear signet rings as a mark of their social standing or purely as fashion items.

The design of signet rings goes back to the ancient Egyptians, evolving from cylindrical seals used by the ancient Mesopotamians as marks of authenticity around 3500 BC.

classic design reinvented

Light as a feather. This is not your typical solid signet ring, rather its original aesthetic is presented in the form of its frame, basic lines making up the skeleton of the ring. What you get is a reinvented design that is not only super modern but so comfortable to wear!

signet ring simplified

The SKELET and SOLID collection is inspired by the aesthetic of seal rings. The original massive volumes of such rings are outlined by subtle minimalist lines with just the top of the ring left solid, or an empty space making the ring structure stand out.

full of texture

If you like a bit more structure, you might enjoy the ETCHED collection which offers a number of different textures created by etching and casting silver. All of the designs below can be made from sterling silver or plated in gold and even rose gold.

how to wear?

While signet rings have traditionally been worn on the pinky finger, this too has changed. You can wear yours however you prefer.