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The Modern Bride

Yes, the summer is finally here, romance is in the air, and the wedding season is in full swing and so we thought a bit about how our jewellery could compliment a bride to be...

First things first! If you like lots of sparkles, shiny diamonds and opulence this story is probably not for you. What we had in mind for this photo story was a different kind of bride. Someone who is modern, conscious about the environment and prefers a few understated pieces that let the woman shine instead. Let's call her a modern minimalist bride. If that's more like you, read on and get inspired by this romantic feature in collaboration with a beautiful bridalwear Yoora studio.

Yoora studio is a young, eco-friendly brand focusing on wedding dresses and very conscious about its supply chain. They only use natural, certified materials such as organic cotton, bamboo viscose, and organic & peace silk. An individual approach and customization are at the heart of Yoora brand. We love that! We could not find a better partner in crime for styling our jewellery for a modern, eco-friendly bride with a timeless style.


Alexa dress is handcrafted from organic silk crepe de chine (bamboo satin lining) with beautiful hand-stitched lace made from organic cotton.


photos: Alex Kinova | dress: Yoora Studio | MUAH: Katarina Zuzulova | models: Alex Oravcova & Milan Kovac | editorial: NURA