New Archeology Collection


In a world where everything seems to be dissolving into the digital ether, Eliška Lhotská’s New Archeology collection stands as a beacon of preservation and memory. This unique collection captures the essence of our present-day reality and transforms it into lasting, tangible artifacts.

piece of bread in a hand

"Imagine a world in a year when everything dissolved. What used to be customary has become a luminous story written in binary code. What used to be reality has melted into a lake of information. New Archeology is a jewellery collection for which even an ordinary piece of bread must be cast in metal to preserve it for the distant future. A piece of bread becomes a cast of history, which we might forget."

new archeology artefact silver necklaces on a blonde woman in a sunlit shade

The Inspiration Behind “New Archeology”

Eliška draws inspiration from the concept of preserving ordinary objects for future generations. In the future, once everyday objects may lose their significance. Therefore, her New Archeology collection aims to cast these perishable items in metal to preserve their form and meaning for the distant future.

A Unique Approach to Jewellery Design

Each piece in the collection is a dialogue between past and future, a reminder of the transient nature of reality and the enduring power of physical objects. The metals used are not just for their durability but also for their historical value, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a physical connection to our history in an increasingly digital world.

Aesthetics vs. Statement

Eliška’s work is more than just a piece of jewellery; it is a profound commentary on our times. The New Archeology collection invites us to reconsider the value and meaning of everyday objects.


This collection works with sterling silver and gold or rose gold plated silver too. While not all pieces are currently available in all alternatives online, they can be made to order for you.

Selected pieces are also available in solid 14K gold, and each piece from the collection can be made in gold on request. Just get in touch with us at

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