The Art of Gifting Jewellery

Handpicked jewellery is certainly one of the most personal gifts one can give. It is not only a piece that brings joy and beauty, but it often becomes a part of our identity, storing cherished memories and reminding us of the person who gifted it to us. Choosing the right one is not easy, but we hope the following tips will make your decision easier.

1. Know Their Style

Observe the recipient's style preferences. Do they lean towards polished or textured; geometric or organic/flowy pieces? Consider their clothing choices and existing jewellery to get a sense of their taste.

2. Consider Metal Preferences

Pay attention to the type of metal they wear. Some people prefer gold, while others lean towards silver or rose gold.

geometric ring in gold and in silver
CUBE ring in gold and in silver

3. Take Note of Gemstone Preferences

If you're considering gemstone jewellery, know their favourite stones. If you never see them wearing blue, don't choose blue lapis lazuli stone.

4. Consider Lifestyle

Think about their daily activities. If they have an active lifestyle, choose durable and low-maintenance pieces. Avoid gemstones, pearls and plated jewellery. Opt for silver or solid gold pieces that are easy to care for. Note that all jewellery is delicate and needs to be worn with care.

5. Observe Current Collection

Look at their existing collection. This helps avoid duplicates and ensures the new piece complements what they already own.

6. Understand Sizes

If you are considering rings, be aware of their size. Try to borrow a ring they wear, and measure it to know the size (our sizes = circumference of the ring in mm) or take it with you to our showroom, so that we can measure it precisely and help you pick a ring that will fit. Read more about ring sizing here.

7. Consider Occasion

Tailor your choice to the occasion. Delicate, simple pieces may be perfect for everyday wear, while more elaborate items are best for special events.

8. Ask for Input

If are still in doubt, subtly inquire about their preferences or ask a friend or family member for guidance. They might help!

Remember, the most important part is, that the piece was picked by you. Choose a piece that reflects their personality, and you're sure to make them smile. If you don’t make the right choice, don’t worry. All jewellery except for Made-to-Order pieces can be exchanged provided they are unworn and returned to us within 14 days from purchase*.

*orders made between 24.11. and 31.12. can be exchanged until 14.1.2024.

9. Get Inspired by our Gift Guide

We've put together some gift tips based on our bestsellers, team's favourites and also based on a personality type. You should find the one there!