Curious about what this space is? Read all about our love story named NURA, what it represents and what we care about.

Your jewellery, your story.

Jewellery is not just an accessory. To us, jewellery is deeply personal and symbolic. The right piece will become part of your story, keep your treasured memories, remind you of your journey or help you follow the path you need to take, give you strength. Your jewellery is a reflection of your personal style, an expression of your identity.

Our Mission

As you can probably tell, we are crazy about jewellery. But not just any jewellery. We adore pieces that are timeless, thoughtfully designed, and made to be cherished.

We seek jewellery that becomes part of you as soon as you put it on. Wearing jewellery made in small quantities, handcrafted with love in a sustainable way just feels different.

So our journey began with a simple idea: to bring together a collection of jewellery pieces by talented young designers, made with passion, crafted with expertise, focusing on minimalist aesthetics and timeless design. Jewellery that truly brings light to life.

gold rings with minimalist design

We curate a collection of minimalist & statement jewellery for those who appreciate the beauty in simplicity.

sulit jewellery drawer full of gold rings
textured gold ring on a clay tray

Refined & Well Designed

Refined design stands the test of time. It allows for versatility and expressing your style without overpowering it. Our curated pieces are meticulously selected for their clean lines, thoughtful designs, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Gold organic necklaces and ring


When choosing jewellery for NURA, we prefer quality over quantity. Unlike mass-produced jewellery, each handcrafted piece is a labor of love, created by skilled artisans who infuse their passion into every detail.

We are commited to working directly with designers supporting honest manual work & fair wages. Small batch productions reduce unnecessary waste of materials. We also try not to overstock. Especially with rings, where size matters, we offer the option to have yours made-to-order to minimise waste.


Made with Love

When you buy NURA’s jewellery you do not only get a ring or a necklace. You are getting someone’s years of study, months of looking for inspiration, weeks of prototyping and days & hours handcrafting the product to perfection. You get someone’s love & passion.

jewellery designer making jewellery NURA

Handwrapped with Care

We care not only about beautifully designed and precisely handcrafted products, but we also pay attention to how it is packaged. Each product comes in our branded jewellery box or pouch and each order is carefully wrapped using only reusable or recyclable materials, so all this beauty is not hurting the environment. All price tags are removed, so it is ready to be gifted right away.

packed orders
NURA branded boxes

Showroom in Bratislava

We are based in Bratislava. If you happen to live nearby, you can come to meet us and all of the jewellery at our showroom in Bratislava. Learn more about our little universe below.

NURA showroom

Our Designers

bringing light to life


Nura is an Arabic name meaning light, radiance and grace.
Just what we hope our collection will bring to you.


Choosing minimalist jewellery often carries a deeper message – an appreciation for the beauty found in life's uncomplicated moments. It's not just about what the jewellery adds; it's about what it doesn't need to say, creating a quiet yet impactful statement of style and sophistication.

What They Say?

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