Water-like collection


Calm ripples on the lake, foamy surf, colourful reflections on the surface of the river. Jewellery inconspicuous in color and striking in shape - that's the Water-like collection.

water like collection Lucia Carnogurska plexiglass jewellery

The collection created by Lucia Čarnogurska, a student of jewellery design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, enchanted us at first the very first glance.

"As a 21st century alchemist, I look for potential in ordinary materials and turn them into "gold"."

In the Water-like collection, acrylic glass becomes “gold”, which Lucia combines with silver components, river pearls, and Swarovski crystals. The transparent Water-like collection is inspired by the surface of the water in its various forms. Thanks to the chosen materials, the collection is very light and comfortable despite its massive look.

All pieces in this collection, including earrings, are sold individually so you can mix and match them however you feel like. We suggest these two sets:

Each shape is unique, so your ring or earring will be the only one in the world. You won't find another one like yours.