design lover gift guide - GREY edition

Not all gifts are created equal. Some follow the latest technology or fashion trends, some are useful but unimaginative (like Christmas PJs, socks, sweaters), and some are…, well, gift cards.

Not these. These are the gifts you buy for someone with good taste, someone, who is rather difficult to please. This is a careful selection of beautifully designed, well-made pieces crafted with true passion and expertise. Simply, timeless gifts with true value. We believe any product from this list of designers and labels will satisfy even the most particular design lover. Our first gift guide edition focuses on a grey colour range, we hope it will inspire you.

Jonathan Radetz

The Moon bowls are inspired by an old collection of NASA slides of the moon and the uneven surface of a bohemian glass. The handcrafted glass bowls are blown individually, thus the product depends on the skills of the master glass blower. Due to the production process, the glass surface is charmingly uneven. If the light breaks through, a very beautiful reflection of the light appears. It almost reminds of the surface of the moon.

Marina Stanimirovic

This amazing oversize necklace by Marina Stanimirovic is definitely for someone, who likes minimalism but is not afraid to stand out! It features four brass parts arranged into an arc. The Lineaments collection is all about simplified and reduced shapes. Your bodily movements enhance the shapes, creating an intimate dialogue between the piece and the wearer.


THE SHAPES collection of hats by London-based BYSJU consists of eight clean and simple designs with colours inspired by the vibrancy of contemporary pop culture. Infusing the old and new, every piece is made from a unique combination of organic wool felt, with the softest finish called ‘Hermes’. This collection is their signature one, symbolising freedom, individuality and creativity.


The Spetses necklace by our very own Anna Rosa Moschouti combines a carefully hand-wrapped cotton texture with rose gold coloured brass details celebrating symmetry and balance in its finest form. This contemporary necklace will bring up the A-game when it comes to fashion and style.

Another piece by AR.M we would definitely recommend is inspired by the shape of their signature necklace designs. These bold earrings were carefully handcrafted from steel and will add a powerful fashion statement to anything your loved one will wear.

Walk with Me

This stylish case for everyday essentials by Walk with Me is made from a single piece of recycled leather with a metal button closure. The material is a mixture of leather fibres and natural latex. The result? An ecologically sound collection of minimal, stylish accessories to carry day-by-day.


Amsterdam-based Zand-erover designs eco-friendly leather bags and accessories inspired by the graphic forms and hues of nature. This gives an extra dimension to their minimal designs. All items are handmade in order to create a unique, tailor-made product. The brand believes in slow fashion. Therefore all products are strong, waterproof, long lasting and used for years, instead of one season. Over time the products adapt to your life by the ability of leather to live and change when used.

Karla Olsakova

This amazing silver ring comes from the Organic collection carefully handcrafted by Karla Olšáková. The collection is based on a tubular silver shape, which is repeated and replicated to create different variations of Karla's jewellery pieces. This ring has a lot of character and yet it can be worn every day.

Cathérine Lovatt

This series of tableware explores the possibilities of simple, geometric forms. Creating a minimalistic table-scape, Cathérine sees this aesthetic in the first place as having everything to do with pure logic - how shape, material, production and functionality all fit together and form an archetypal everyday object.


We love this piece by another one of our designers - Pola Zag. It makes a statemnet and yet it is perfect to wear everyday. Inspired by a ribbon, this contemporary ring made of stainless steel wraps around the finger in several layers creating a beautiful texture.

Hanne Willmann

With the "Willmann Vase" Hanne's ambition was to play with the fragility of glass. The concrete part is placed above the glass, so you can only see the stalks of the flowers. Any "vase-fanatic" will surely appreciate this simple but very clever detail. We love it when products have a bit of a twist.

Przywara Strzalka

This handbag is handcrafted from high-quality premium leather in beautiful light grey colour, joined with silver rivets and closed with a strong magnet. It is rigid, durable and resistant. The bag does not have a lining or an inner pocket - the designer Monika Przywara Strzalka wants to keep it simple. In addition, each bag can be personalised by a laser engraving, which surely brings this up a notch as a gift.


This classic and yet contemporary piece by Instrmnt features a brushed silver casing and light grey vegan rubber strap manufactured in Italy. Each piece is designed with care in their Glasgow studio. They take inspiration from the industrial design of the mid 20th century and their own personal desire for a watch that pairs high-quality Swiss components with simple, utilitarian design.


The Deauville necklace by Italian brand PYLA, which is also one of our selected labels, features aluminium blocks in a matte finish covering most of the stretchy cotton rope. We love its finish and the boldness of the piece.

Jonas Lindholm

Jonas Lindholm’s range of small stoneware boxes are sure to keep the smallest treasures hidden and safe, while also making a beautiful addition to any setting it is placed in. Available in a variety of colours, the pieces are carefully cast in the designer's studio in Gustavsberg, Sweden, before being glazed and fired to 1230°C, leaving a delicate matt surface.

Nia Dana

The Ryn earrings are a bold piece with a lot of character. Made from sterling silver, their matte finish adds to their contemporary look. Whichever piece from Barcelona-based label Nia Dana you choose, you can't go wrong - their pieces are simple and timeless.


The Sediment Tableware by OS & OOS studio was inspired by building materials used in construction. Made from stoneware, each handmade piece is partially glazed to create unique reflections. Different colours and sizes relate to one another so they can stack, nest, and cover each other.


This lovely cross body purse in leather with rope shoulder strap is made from high-quality vegetable tanned leather, originally from Italy, processed in the Czech Republic. This design is a limited edition of 60 pieces so we doubt you will see many people carrying it, which is always nice. :)


Any product or brand that we've missed? Surely YES.
Do get in touch with us if you know more small labels that would fit into this list.